Ready Set Herbs!

Isn’t it a good feeling to get outside in the glorious sunshine, breathe in some fresh air and feel the earth… between your fingers?
I did just that! I planted some Herbs! Mint, parsley, chives and oregano. These were the ones I felt sure I’d use often.
I recorded the process to share with you, not because it’s hard to plant a plant! But because sometimes, seeing a process inspires me. So for what it’s worth, I thought, well why not! If it inspires someone else to spend some quality time amongst the foliage in the garden, soaking up some vitamin D, I’ve done my part! There’s really nothing quite like taking some time to tend to something, to look after or create something!

I had four lovely terracotta pots to start with, three of which my thoughtful boyfriend gave to me. (Thank you Jono. You know you are quite extraordinary! x). And I am blessed because I believe he didn’t even know I wanted to start a herb garden of my very own, yet he helped me on my way and brought along the inspiration I needed to get started!

Here’s my planting process:


1. Drainage- I checked to make sure all my pots had holes in the bottom so that they are able to drain well when watered. The pebbles go in as the first layer so the hole in the bottom of the pot doesn’t get too clogged up with dirt and allows the water to drain. We don’t want the water to collect in the bottom and cause the roots to rot from excess moisture. I sourced my pebbles from… my driveway!


2. Sand- This was my next layer, it’s not necessary, but it does help save on cost of compost if you don’t have your own compost bin at home. Unfortunately, the soil around my house isn’t stocked full of nutrients! Well.. maybe for a cactus!

FullSizeRender (1)

3. Compost- Ah, plant food! Some good potting compost makes up my third layer.


4. Water- I found it best to dampen the soil enough to permeate all the way through before hollowing out a hole to plant in. This is a good starting point for the roots to settle in their new home and grow quickly, getting the drink they need with out getting completely waterlogged by their next watering.


5. Hollow- Time to get your hands earthy! Poke a hole in the soil about 2.5cm/1 inch deep (depth may differ depending on the size/stage of plant growth). If you make a hollow too deep, it may cause the stem base of your herb to rot as it would be covered in damp soil. Depending on how big your chosen herb grows and spreads, you may want to plant a few seedlings next to each other in the same pot.


6. Transplant- I’ve carefully separated this section of mint from dad’s mint plant, keeping the majority of the roots intact! Don’t worry too much if you break a few, as mint is very hardy and will still take off well when transplanted.

FullSizeRender (2)

7. Trim- To give a boost to the smaller plant I’ve just transplanted, I cut off the larger stem. This helps the plants energy and nutrients go into growing the lower and smaller leaves so it can spread and grow bigger.
I get to use the leaves now! Bonus! Mmm don’t you just love the smell of fresh mint?! I do!


8. Grow! And here are the four pots I planted! I’m very happy to have started my very own herb garden! I’m looking forward to watching them grow! And of course being able to use their delicious and beneficial flavours!

So there we have 8 steps to transplanting! Is this a coincidence as 8 is the number of new beginnings?! Happy new beginning my little herbs!

I hope you’re inspired to drink in some of your own fresh air and sunshine! Don’t pass up a chance to get your hands earthy!

Enjoy your week,

and stay quirky!

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