My name is Jacia,

I was born in South Australia, south of Adelaide in the country, near the coast. I appreciate where I live with it’s rolling hills, fresh country air, the sea only a short drive away. I know that I live in a beautiful and blessed place! Whether I move or stay, the place I am at that moment is always the right place. A place for me to grow and learn and cherish the season of life that I’m in.
Like many, I’ve struggled with identity and wondering what I can do to make my future purposeful. I’ve travelled, worked in various fields and taken time to really delve deep, narrowing down the important things in my life. Success is something we can’t compare. My idea of success is different to the next persons and what may seem fulfilling to me is possibly void of meaning to another. I’ve found that being around people is so influential and worthwhile, we get to love and feel loved, listen and learn, and share our own perspectives. The conversations we have change our lives.

I wanted to start a blog of encouragement. We all need it. I do! I think it’s so important that we embrace who we are, our differences, the talents and skills we’re blessed with or the various ones we have learned. Our differences make us unique, an individual. No one else has all of the same interests, and skills or features as another. I think we need the support of others, as well as support from ourself! I want to love my differences, my quirks! It doesn’t matter if I’m tall or if my nose is big or my neck is long, these things are part of me, and I’m learning to embrace them and make them work in my favour. Maybe it might surprise someone how elegant a lovely necklace or scarf will look settled delicately on a long beautiful neck! We can be united in this individuality, we don’t need to be wholly independent or to feel seperate or rejected. LET’S EMBRACE HOW WE’RE MADE, EMBRACE HOW OTHERS ARE MADE… EMBRACE THE QUIRKS!

I treasure how throughout life we get to continue to expand our learning. I love to learn: about my Creator, about people, about how the world works. I’m a details person, I like to ask questions!

I love being creative, and the outdoors! Some of my favourite things are: Company, cosy jumpers, hugs, smiles, doors, farms, thought provoking conversation/books/media, poetry, encouragement, singing, homemade pizza, loud motorbikes, toucans and rocks! Opals are my favourite!

I hope my blog encourages you to love others and love yourself!