Let go and let God

image.jpegWhat’s holding you back?
~Selah, pause and reflect~

Do you find yourself wanting to control your circumstances? Struggling to let go, to take a risk and live wholly?
Has fear got its grip on you? Do you worry about almost everything?
I understand these feelings! Don’t worry.. (Seriously don’t worry, it won’t do add a moment to your life!)

And what does it look like to have a little faith, to step into the unknown and let something beautiful unfold? To step out of your comfort zone and be out of control of your circumstances? The unknown seems scary!
The funny thing is, even when we try to control what happens in our lives, we still don’t know what’s going to happen! We can only control our own actions, thoughts and attitudes. We can’t control what others think or do, we can’t control the opportunities that come by us or how fast time goes. We can however choose how we respond to these circumstances and choose to make the most of what’s presented to us.

Are you aware one who is greater knows us deeply? Knows our needs, knows our desires and died for us so that we can complete the fulfilling promises declared for us to be a part of through eternity?!
We can catch a glimpse of our amazing futures! The events, moments, relationships and hold on to that excitement and hope! But we aren’t able to see the fullness of the goodness prepared for us! What our future looks like exactly, we can’t comprehend in full! Even so closely as what happens in a single day or hour! We don’t know what happens before the evening or the next year or twenty! But how willing we are to grow and risk and step out of the ordinary, shapes the journey we live.

I challenge you! In the most friendly and encouraging way of course; to take a step into the unknown, to trust that something good will become of that step, to make memories that exceed the ordinary!
Do something you don’t usually do, try something new! Grow and embrace the quirkiness of your own dreams and decisions, even your mistakes shape you!

In challenging you I’m also challenging myself! We’re in this together, I’m not here to tell you how to live but to encourage you to grow along with me!

Bless you all and I hope you had a happy long weekend!

Embrace the quirky parts of life!


X Jacia


P.s. A special thank you to Trek, my loving brother who encourages and inspires me to be myself. I love you! And I’m blessed to be a part of your journey too!

2 thoughts on “Let go and let God

  1. Karina Schmucker says:

    Jacia! You’re so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this😊 challenge accepted! Blesss YOU so much xx p.s it was so good to catch up with you and meet your siblings, you’re all so nice! -Karina


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